Apply for Certificate IV Project Management, Promoting Nutritious Food Systems’ in the Pacific Project – Vanuatu and Other News.

Apply for Certificate IV Project Management in climate project management 2017

This is a reminder that the National Advisory Board (NAB) climate finance working group, under the Ministry of Climate Change of Vanuatu, is pleased to invite the private sector, any businesses involved in climate change related activities, to submit up to 10 applications (Application Form + CV + Cover Letter + evidence of pass in English at Year 12/Form 6 or equivalent) for the Certificate IV Project Management Practical course in climate project management starting mid-November 2017.
The climate-related activity is to offer and conduct the Certificate IV Project Management Practice, a formal course, in blended mode (online and face-to-face) aimed at anyone involved in the implementation of climate change adaptation/resilience projects. Basic details:

  • Certificate IV in Project Management which can be used for membership of international Project Management bodies such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Australia Institute of Project Management (AIPM);
  • Minimum numbers of 10 private sector participants needed for course;
  • 4 units needed to complete the Certificate;
  • 5 days full time face to face in-country for 2 units then 2 months of online/distance learning assignments then another 5 days face to face to set up the final 2 units and 2 months of assignments**;
  • Delivered by USP Pacific TAFE who will send lecturers to Vanuatu for the face-to-face component; and
  • USAID Climate Ready project under NAB will support payment of tuition fees for candidates to participate in the course.

** The candidates, business owners or employees of businesses involved in climate change related activities, will need to attend two lots of 5-day blocks during the course period to undertake face-to-face teaching at USP Emalus Campus, Vanuatu.  You can contact VCCI Reception by phone 27543 or mobile 7123 967, and by email [email protected] to receive key information including documents on Certification IV in Project Management Practice; Pacific TAFE Handbook & Calendar information; Participant Selection Criteria document; and Project Management Application form.

Click here to view and download the following documents:- Certification IV in Project Management Practice; Pacific TAFE Handbook & Calendar information; Participant Selection Criteria document; and Project Management Application form

Applications for the Certificate IV in Project Management must be submitted to Anna Bule [email protected] no later than Tuesday 31 October COB.


Suppliers & Farmer Groups for VAN2017

Mr Tyrone Mann, Catering Advisory of Van2017 is in charge of the catering for more than 120,000 Meals for workforce and Athletes from the Pacific Islands region participating to the Mini Games of Vanuatu to be held in Port-Vila from 4 to 15 December 2017.

He is looking for farmer groups to supply over the Van2017 event.

He would like to pass on all growers’ information on the catering contractors to ensure food supply are available throughout the regional event.

For more information, you can contact him by email on [email protected]  or mobile Text information only to 7724337


Vanuatu Green Climate Fund (GCF) Investment Program Survey:

This is a reminder that any interested businesses are invited to connect to the link to the Vanuatu Green Climate Fund (GCF) Investment Program Survey to complete the short online survey By completing the online survey, businesses express the private sector needs and interests in how the GCF investment priorities in Vanuatu should be allocated to mitigation and adaptation strategic impact areas in specific sectors and activities over the next 5 years.


Promoting Nutritious Food Systems’ in the Pacific Project – Vanuatu

The Promoting Nutritious Food Systems’ in the Pacific Project – Vanuatu roundtable was held last week on the 23 and 24 October 2017, following what was an already intense and fun filled Pacific Week of Agriculture (PWA), the week before.

The Project, and initiative of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO), of which the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a member, is funded by both the ACP EU CTA (The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) and IFAD (the International Fund for Agricultural Development). The workshop, attended by 25 people in total, presented an interesting opportunity for diverse stakeholders to come together to talk about private sector development and SME development in agriculture and fisheries, and to also consider broader nutrition aspects, and how these two important sectors could support the agrinutrition challenges of Vanuatu.

Setting the scene to the workshop was the research study, Agri-nutrition nexus of Vanuatu, presented by local business woman, nutritionist and local cuisine advocate, Voutasi McKenzie-Reur.

The research findings set the scene for discussions over the next 2 days, acknowledging that Vanuatu had immense policies around agriculture, fisheries and health and nutrition, but in terms on coordination, partnerships, and resources to implement, these were contributing constraints.

The findings of the research concentrated around the health crisis of the people of Vanuatu and the immense policy framework that exists, yet emphasised the poor coordination, resources and implementation which is having a drastic impact on health status especially on women and children. The workshop was therefore to bring together the broad stakeholder base to see how private sector and others can support agriculture and fisheries to support agrinutrition. Discussions over the two days highlighted several key issues, including:

* the need to introduce supporting environments for local businesses (especially in fisheries and agriculture). Ensuring local agribusinesses have conducive environments to operate, increase production at low costs (cost of doing business) so that people in Vanuatu can have access to more affordable local food and/or produce.

* when advocating and lobbying for agribusiness development, that farmers are not classified separately but recognised as businesses in the private sector, and that their issues pertaining to the cost and ease of doing business need to be strengthened so that they can supply more and more consistently to the local markets;

* at PWA, the acknowledgement of agritourism in Vanuatu and that we need to use the agritourism platform as a catalyst to addressing nutrition and promote the consumption and use of local produce, and consuming local cuisine (be it tradition or more contemporary);

* the need to assist the private sector to develop the production of fresh, value added and processed local food products, which are nutritious, at an affordable price for local consumers to counter the dramatic effect of cheaper nutritionally inferior food imports under any trade agreements including MSG TA and PACER Plus TA, with 70% of death registered at Vanuatu Central Hospital (VCH) caused by Non-Communicable Diseases NCDs; and

* the need to follow up and continue to build on the momentum created by the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Agritourism Trade Fair in Vanuatu from 16 to 20 October 2017, the Vanuatu Government, Ministries, Departments and line agencies, are to ensure that relevant and productive incentives and assistance are provided to businesses, including funding schemes and credit facilities from the Vanuatu Agriculture Development Bank (VADB) to be made available to farmers and fishermen to address the financial issues leading to the development and strengthening of sustainable and resilient agribusinesses and fishing businesses, in order to deal with urgent major issues of food poverty and food security in Vanuatu.

At the end of day 2, workshop participants echoed a collective call to action, to collaborate more to address local business and agrinutrition issues. The workshop presented a great opportunity for shared learning and networking and reinforced the need for greater collaboration and a multisectoral approach to addressing agrinutrition and agribusiness.

The Promoting Nutritious Food Systems’ in the Pacific Project, is in collaboration with CTA (The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) and IFAD (the International Fund for Agricultural Development) focusing on 7 Pacific countries – Kiribati, Fiji, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu – but will lots of potential and opportunities for shared learning to the other Pacific island countries. The project goal is to strengthen the capacity of the Pacific Island governments, farmer and private sector organisations, and sub-regional institutions to develop strategies and programmes, to mobilise financing that can effectively enable people to increase their access to nutritious and healthy food.

For more information please contact Alisi Tuqa on email [email protected] or VCCI Reception by phone 27543 or mobile 7123 967, and by email [email protected] 

Photo 1 Women networking


 Photo 2 Alisi Tuqa, PIPSO Acting CEO


Photo 3 Astrid Boulekone VCCI GM, Primal Narayan PIPSO Project Officer & Voutasi McKenzie-Reur, Lapita Café Ltd CEO




The Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee (VBRC), a standing committee of Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), had its second inception meeting on 13 October 2017 at VCCI Conference Room and proceeded to elect the VBRC Executive Members consisting of:


  • Glen Craig                                                              Chairman
  • Carolyn Ernst                                                        Vice Chairlady
  • Andrew Bohn                                                        Secretary
  • Kylie Mullins                                                         Executive Member
  • Jagdish Lal                                                            Executive Member
  • Chris Kernot                                                         Executive Member
  • Jim Batty                                                               Executive Member
  • Corey Huber                                                         Executive Member
  • Charlie Robert/ Bryan Sali                                Executive Member
  • Donald Massing                                                   Executive Member
  • Handicraft Business women representative  Executive Member

The VBRC next step is to develop the VBRC Working Plan 2018-2019 to outline what initiatives and activities it will undertake and how it will carry out these activities to participate in the Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management in Vanuatu. The coordination of these VBRC activities with NDMO and Clusters is to be taken into account. A list of currently available climate financing sources for Vanuatu’s private sector has been provided to VBRC for dissemination purposes to VBRC members and businesses.

The first VBRC Executive Meeting will take place on Thursday 30 November 2017 at 3pm at VCCI. The meeting will be attended by both the Executive Members and Regular Members of VBRC. Any interested businesses are also invited to attend the meeting.

Click here to access the list of currently available climate financing sources for Vanuatu’s private sector.

For any further information, you can contact VCCI Reception by phone 27543 or mobile 7123 967, and by email [email protected]