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Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) wish to advise that AJC (Assistance Juridique et Comptabilité) together with Pacific Private Bank, are inviting you to drinks and the networking session at the Banyan Bar on Tuesday 27 June 2017 at 4:30pm.

In addition to half price drinks, they will also be joined by Mr Andrew Henderson, owner of Nomad Capitalist advisory firm of United States, who will share his experience and insights on the best countries for expat living.   Mr Andrew Henderson started out as an entrepreneur from United States, and is now an Independent Tax, Residency & Banking Consultant. He travels to 15-20 countries per year and writes reviews on Taxation, Company Incorporation, Second Passport Schemes, Banking and General Wellbeing. He advises individuals on best countries to live in. Webpage reach of 2m per year, 15k vlog subscribers on YouTube

You will have an opportunity to promote Vanuatu, hear more about global trends and network with fellow Nomads in Port Vila.   Looking forward to seeing you there!   For other inquiries, please do contact Martin St-Hilaire, Managing Partner, AJC on M +678 77 44 500 T +678 24 404 and email: [email protected]


Special Request for Attendance by Silicon Valley’s “Unofficial Emissary” Paul Bragiel

Paul Bragiel, known as the “Unofficial Emissary of Silicon Valley”, is on an extensive global goodwill tour in an effort to harmonize expanding networks of technical and financial thought leadership.  Concurrently, Team Paul is searching for untapped exponential opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked in remote geographic locations.    Mr. Bragiel would greatly appreciate an audience with the VCCI as a means of stimulating new relationships and opportunities with some of the best cyber-connected islands in the Pacific.    Vanuatu’s committed investment into the Southern Cross Cable Network has been noticed by Silicon Valley. Mr. Bragiel believes there to be a high degree of underutilized – or not yet discovered – talent and capabilities within Vanuatu.  Paul is currently advising the governments of Colombia, Singapore, Estonia and Tanzania on matters of technology, finance and entrepreneurship policy and hopes to extend such advisement to the various applicable components within Vanuatu’s eco-system.

When / Where –   UPDATE: Mr. Paul Bragiel is currently scheduled to be in Vanuatu from 28 to 30 June 2017.   

What – Mr. Bragiel would enjoy the opportunity to meet with Vanuatu’s business industry captains, start-up figures, prominent families and CEO/Owners of banks, insurance and financial institutions. He has offered to host (where appropriate to offer) senior members of the VCCI in order to foster a meaningful gathering of Vanuatu’s “Who’s Who” and decision makers.

Who / Bio for Paul Bragiel – Paul Bragiel is an internet entrepreneur and currently a managing partner of Bragiel Brothers. Bragiel graduated from University of Illinois in 1999. Shortly after graduating he founded his first company, Paragon 5, with offices in Chicago and Poland. In 2004 he founded the first location-based social network Meetro. In 2008 he founded Lefora which was sold to Crowdgather in the summer of 2010.  In 2010 he launched i/o Ventures, a seed fund and accelerator based in San Francisco. Mentors include founders of companies such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Zynga, Bittorrent, Paypal, Myspace, WordPress, Yelp & Trulia. In 2012 he launched three more technology-focused seed funds. Savannah Fund (Sub-Saharan Africa) and Golden Gate Ventures (Southeast Asia) were created to foster entrepreneurship in those regions. GameFounders (Eastern Europe) invests in companies building gaming-related products. In 2015 he launched Presence Capital, a $10m venture fund investing in early-stage virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) companies.  Collectively he’s invested or advised 100+ companies, which have raised $1.5b+ in follow-on financing. Companies include Uber, Zappos and Unity. Often he travels around the world to give lectures on startups and serves as an advisor to governments on their technology and entrepreneurship policy including the nations of Colombia, Singapore, Estonia and Tanzania.

Additional Recourses –

For more information on 2017 Goodwill Tour of Paul Bragiel, please feel free to connect with Sean McKay Holt, MBA, Team Paul, Expedionary Organizing Team, via email [email protected], or LinkedIn


Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy / Marketing Strategy

Under the Knowledge and Co-Creation Program of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) of the Japanese Government, a training in Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy or Marketing Strategy funded by JICA is proposed to a business man or business woman of Vanuatu. The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is looking for a business man or business women to be the nominee of VCCI to attend this training in Chubu, Japan, from 13 September to 19 October 2017.
Today, export promotion is expected to play a major role in economic development of many developing countries. However, most of the exports from developing countries are raw materials rather than processed products. For further contribution to the local industries, it is important to export value-added products. Insufficient quality of products, ineffective marketing and promotion prevents developing countries to export value-added products to developed countries.  The goal of this program is to acquire a new approach of export promotion for developing countries to developed countries’ market. The essence of this approach is to convert our concept from “Product-out” to “Market-in”. In other words, it is to develop value-added products according to the potential markets’ needs. For achieving this goal, effective skills of market research, product development, branding, promotion and communication with potential customers are essential. This program will be focused on learning “Market-in” export promotion concept and practical skills.
Course Objective:  Participants acquire market-oriented approach of export promotion of local products to developed countries, based on effective marketing skills and the partnership between public and private non-profit organization.
Overall Goal Projects to export the products of participants’ countries to the developed market are planned and implemented in the participants’ country.   For what? This program provides participants with opportunity to acquire skills on market-oriented export promotion of locally made unique products.  Participants will learn practical knowledge of marketing and export promotion, including understanding of customers in developed countries, effective product development, branding, effective design and usage of promotional tools.   For whom? This program is offered to those who provide direct service/support to companies/associations on export to developed markets, such as business men, business women, managers/staffs of private non-profit institutions or business associations or industry working groups.
Applicants must have experience on providing business supporting service for export, especially, marketing of export products, for instance, providing hands-on or direct operational support for firms to export their unique products with local characteristics/resources.  The way of services can be to provide useful overseas market information, networking with traders, supporting product development for overseas markets, participating and organizing international trade fairs, etc.  How? Participants will have opportunities to acquire practical approaches and methods of marketing and promotion for promoting export of their products to the developed market.
Participants are expected to learn the essence of successful promotion, branding and promotion by case studies, lectures and workshops.  This program focused on learning practical skill and knowledge, thus it requires participants’ active participation for the program, including discussions and workshops during the program as well as assignments before coming to Japan.
Review comments from the previous participants of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Vietnam, include “There are many useful things I learn during the duration of the course here in Japan. However, one that is most appealing to me is the development of Branding and development of local products. In my country, we have many unique products, and I believe if reached an export stand they will be very competitive in the market, both overseas and domestically.”(Vanuatu, 2016)

If your business offers a value-added product and you would like to be a potential candidate for this training in Export Promotion Strategy or Marketing Strategy, you can contact VCCI Reception by phone on 27543 or by email at [email protected] to submit your name before Thursday 29 June 2017.



The VCCI is pleased to announce the formation of the Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee (VBRC). The VBRC will serve as a coordinating mechanism for the government to effectively engage with the private sector to build resilience to disasters and climate change. With support from the DFAT Connecting Business Initiative, UNDP Pacific Risk Resilience Program, DFAT Local Supplier Engagement Project, and DFAT/GIZ Climate Finance Readiness for the Pacific Project, the VBRC will help strengthen the private sector through:

  • Establishing a clear entry point for the private sector to participate and engage within the climate change and disaster risk reduction sectors
  • Providing a regular forum for dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sector, especially in regards to climate change issues, disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, response and recovery
  • Raising awareness among the private sector about climate change and disaster risk management
  • Strengthening resilience of businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises through capacity building programs to help withstand and recover from shocks, including business continuity planning
  • Formalizing involvement within official national disaster management and climate change planning, policies and processes, helping strengthen the linkage and coordination between the public and private sector
  • Identification of private sector capabilities, interests and needs as it relates to climate change and disaster risk management, especially in accessing climate finance
  • Sharing of best practices and successful case studies, helping inform future Public Private Partnership initiatives
  • Assisting businesses in securing business continuity preparedness training and resources through appropriate climate finance resources, including through international organizations.

Vanuatu private sector businesses, including but not limited to the key sectors of banking, insurance, infrastructure and construction, tourism, food and agriculture, telecommunications, logistics, and transport are invited to attend the official launch of the Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee on Thursday, 6 July 2017 from 5pm to 6pm, at Holiday Inn Resort.

We look forward to facilitating an interactive discussion with various private sector businesses to discuss how the new VBRC may assist with resilience building activities, ideas for entry points for engagement in humanitarian responses, and the challenges currently being faced. Please contact VCCI Reception by phone on 27543 or by email [email protected] for more information.

Export Capability Building Workshop 21 July 2017

Pacific Trade and Invest (New Zealand) in conjunction the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), will be conducting a free one day workshop to assist business owners In Vanuatu who are thinking of entering the export market particularly to New Zealand.   The workshop is aimed at businesses that are currently selling products in Vanuatu and that see the export market as a growth opportunity. The objective is to increase business owner’s knowledge and build their capability to be successful in the export market.

This workshop is the first step in a 6 step Pacific Path to Market programme that culminates in several participating companies participating in a Trade Mission to NZ in March 2018 to showcase their products, to see the NZ market themselves and to meet potential buyers.   What:     Export capability building workshop

When:    Friday 21 July 2017 from 8.30am to 4.30pm

Where:   Melanesian Hotel, Port Vila

How:      Register your name with VCCI by phone 27543 or email [email protected]