Employer Services

The VCCI provides advocacy for employers through supporting employer representatives on the Vanuatu Tripartite Labour Advisory Council (TLAC) and representing employer views in other meetings. The Tripartite Labour Advisory Council (TLAC) is a statutory body made up of representatives from government, trade unions and employers. Its role is to provide advice on labour market policy issues and to help develop labour market practices.

The VCCI is also actively developing services and resources for employers.

Current services/resources

Employers’ Guidebook

In June 2014 the VCCI launched the Employers’ Guidebook. This Guidebook explains your main obligations under Vanuatu’s employment law and is available for free online. Hardcopies can be purchased for 2000 vatu and datasticks containing an electronic version can be purchased for 1000 vatu. VCCI staff can also help you to use the Guidebook to answer your employment questions.

Advocacy on employment law reform

As a result of the Employers’ Survey conducted in 2014, the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce launched position papers on severance allowance paper, final leave paper and the finanl position brief in the severance, leave and ERB. It has also developed proposed amendments to the current Employment Act [Cap 160]. One page summaries of the positions on severance and leave are also available.

The bottom line is that Vanuatu employers want to support employees through workable and fair situations which will result in more job security and more job opportunities.

Consultations on the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP)

The NSDP is the government’s medium term development plan. Data gathered in the 2014 Employers’ Survey was used to present private sector views on what Vanuatu’s development priorities over the next 15 years should be. As of December 2015 the NSDP has not been finalised. The VCCI will continue to represent private sector views when it is asked to comment on further drafts of the NSDP. The report on private sector views on the NSDP is available here.

Old projects

June – September 2014: Employer Survey on Employment Relations Bill/Business survey on National Sustainable Development Plan

Vanuatu is currently undertaking major employment law reforms. The Employer Survey project explained the proposed reform. It also asked for your opinions on the reforms, via a questionnaire. The survey is also sought opinions from all businesses (not only businesses with employers) on what they would like to see included in the main government policy document, the National Sustainable Development Plan. To find out more about this project go here.

July 2014 – January 2015: Social protection project

Social protection covers matters such as retirement benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment and disability benefits. The ILO, in conjunction with workers, employers and other stakeholders  developed a social protection policy paper to serve as a basis to inform policy making in the area of social protection.


Other policy initiatives/meetings

TLAC National Policy Initiative: Labour Migration

In 2013, the ILO commissioned a study on economic development opportunities through seasonal labour migration, looking at how returned migrants used savings in two provinces. Subsequently the ILO Regional Labour Migration Specialist conducted a mission to Vanuatu and developed a recommendations report with recommendations on legislative amendments (Seasonal Employment Act 2007) and the development of a framework for reintegration of seasonal migrants. Work on implementing recommendations is ongoing.



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