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Finding the right person with the right skills to fill a job vacancy can be a difficult and expensive exercise. Wok I Isi Centre helps Employers connect with Jobseekers – and there is no fee to advertise your job on our website until we successfully find you the right employee!

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a natural contact point and hub for Jobseekers – not only do we routinely receive requests from skilled Jobseekers, but our School of Business and Finance generates hundreds of new graduates every year.

The Process

  1. Submit your job vacancy HERE
  2. Jobseeker finds job opportunities on the Wok I Isi Centre website
  3. Jobseeker contacts the VCCI Employer Services Unit (ESU)
  4. VCCI ESU informs you or the company of the recommended candidate/s and discusses selection procedures (e.g. interview, short listing)
  5. Company pays fee to VCCI once the recommended candidate/s are appointed.


  1. Permanent Employment – VT 15,000
  2. Temporary Employment – VT 10,000 VT
  3. Extras including organising Interviews – VT 4,000 VT