Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee

This is the Climate Change Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) arm of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The establishment of the Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee (VBRC) is the result of an initiative of Pacific Business Resilience Network of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO), regional private sector entities, regional private sector representative organisations, Council of Regional Organisations of Pacific (CROP) agencies, Pacific Islands Governments, the United Nations (UN), Non-Government Organisations and regional civil society entities and representative organisations.

In this regard, and in order to fully benefit from the implementation of such arrangements, national institutional arrangements are to be developed and implemented.


  1. The VBRC is a standing committee of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and is working to support businesses to build their resilience to climate change and disasters, including their engagement in emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts in parallel and collaboration with the government, non-government organisations and civil society.
  2. The VBRC is continuing to have consultations with private sector, government and civil society stakeholders to identify priority areas in terms of resilience to climate change and disasters in Vanuatu’s context, and to build a strategic framework for preparedness, response and recovery in relation to the occurrence of natural disasters.

The VBRC was established on 8th October 2017 in Port Vila under the responsibility of VCCI. The Current Executive Committee is composed of eight active executive members, with two associate members from National Advisory Board (NAB) and National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) of Ministry of Climate Change.

The Executives are as follows:

Chairman:   Glen Craig

Vice Chair:  Carolyn Ernst

Secretary:   Andrew Bohn

Members:   Corey Huber,    Jagdish Lal,    Kylie Mullins,   Merana Mills,   Wilson Toa

Associate Members:  National Advisory Board (NAB) Rep,   National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) Rep.


ANY businesses interested in becoming an active member, who will be involved in monthly meetings and activities, do email [email protected] and seek guidance.

The Official VBRC website ( is still under construction. When it is completed, it will contain more information, with a link from this page.