China International Import Export November 2018 Info, Business Valuation By Mergers and Acquisitions and Other News.

China International Import Expo November 2018 Info

This is the second update from the last article printed from 2 weeks ago. The VCCI is finalising the Private Sector participants to this expo to be held in Shanghai, China from 5 to 10 November 2018. Therefore it is important, if you are interested in this event, to follow these steps before Monday 14th of May, 4:30pm.

  1. Email [email protected] to confirm your interest and contact details.
  2. In your email, notify if you are interested in :
  3. funding you own booth, or
  4. share a booth with other partners and share its cost (name the other partners), or
  5. indicate to be part of the shared free booth.
  6. In your email, also indicate whether you will only be showcasing your products, or you will be doing both showcasing and selling products at the event.

We will shortly be working out booth arrangements, therefore your response would give a clear determination on which booths to secure, so that the Vanuatu booths are in one block.

Below is the booths information for your interest.


Preferential Treatments for Enterprises from LDCs

The original Price is:


Raw space: USD 300 /m²

Standard booth: USD 3,000 /9m².


Preferential Treatments for Enterprises from LDCs are as follows:


  1. 2 free standard booths.


  1. 20% off for reservation i.e.
          Raw space:  USD 240, Standard both: USD 2,400 /9m².


  1. If a company order over 500 m² exhibition area, there will be another 10% discount for the Raw space or Standard booth cost.


  1. If a company order over 18 m² exhibition area, we will provide supports like facilities, online promoting etc.


  1. If enterprises request for help in transportation of the itemondisplay, Chinese side will try to facilitate.

Note: Before enterprises enjoy treatment No.1 and No.2, a recommendation letter from Economic and commercial counsellor’s office, Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu is needed.


Business Valuation By M&A

Because it is always difficult for a business owner to give an objective valuation of his company and this is not made any easier when faced with the range of valuation methods to choose from, Mergers and Acquisitions Ltd M&A Ltd is organising a conference to explain the process in detail.

With 10 years’ experience in the fi​eld of business transactions in Nouma, M&A Ltd will be presenting the key steps to a successful sale.

The conferences will take place on the 1st floor of the Grand Casino Hotel:

  • in French on Wednesday 16 May at 6pm
  • in English on Thursday 17 May at 2pm

If you wish to enrol and attend the conference, select your choice of session and send your details to [email protected] to book as soon as possible as there are limited number of seats available.


Valeur Entreprise Par M&A

Parce qu’il l est toujours très difficile pour un chef d’entreprise d’avoir un regard objectif sur la valeur de son entreprise, d’autant plus qu’il existe une multitude de méthode de valorisation, la société Mergers et Acquisitions Ltd M&A Limited vous propose d’aborder ce sujet en détail, lors de sa toute nouvelle conférence dédiée à la transmission d’entreprise,

Forts de dix ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la transaction d’entreprise à Nouméa, la société M&A Limited vous présentera les démarches essentielles à la réussite de vos projets.

Conférences au 1er étage du Grand Casino hotel:

  • en français le mercredi 16 mai à 18h00
  • en anglais le jeudi 17 mai à 14h00

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant par email [email protected] car le nombre de places est limitée.


Conference VAUBAN IMMOBILIER 17 to 18 May 2018 Grand Hotel

This is an open invitation to any interested persons who may wish to discover Asean Properties by Vauban Immobilier, who is the ideal partner for future investments.

For more, the STANDING Real Estate is an estate agency based in Noumea, New Caledonia. This agency is specialized in real estate transactions: purchase/sale, apartments, houses, villas, land, properties, buildings, and real estate promotions in local tax exemption in New Caledonia and in the Asia-Pacific area.

Meet the team of experts who will be in Port Vila for the first time on the 17th and 18th May 2018.

This conference will be held in both languages therefore:

  • The French version will be on Thursday 17th May at 6pm
  • English Version will be on Friday 18th May at  10am

The event will be followed by a cocktail at the Grand Hotel’s pool.

For those of you who may be interested please send your confirmation by email to [email protected]


Challenges and opportunities for SMEs – Understanding and Analysing risk.

A series of practical articles by Chris Elphick, Breadfruit Consulting.

During this series I am looking at a number of issues relevant to all SMEs and identify both the opportunities and challenges associated with each issue.  Topics to be covered include planning; staff and recruitment; customers and service; marketing; competition; new products and services; being well organised; collaborating with others; understanding and analysing risk; managing the money; going into business with family or friends; grants, loans and investment; expansion and growth; technology and exporting.

Today my focus is on understanding and analysing risk.

Running a small business is a risky business. If we can’t handle risks we should probably not be in business for ourselves.

Because risks are part of running a business we cannot ignore them – we must do our best to plan and prepare in order to reduce their impact.

In the Pacific we live with external risks all the time – cyclones, storms, earthquakes etc – and the challenge is to prepare as best we can without letting the fear of the risk stop us from running a successful business.

Internal risks are easier to manage – health and safety is an obvious one.  All businesses should have a health and safety plan and make sure that you eliminate as many risks for yourselves, your staff and your customers as possible. Move things that people could trip over or slip on or be hit by.  One injury to a customer could ruin your business.  Move rubbish and check all your electrics so there is less risk of fire.  One fire could ruin your business!

Another set of risks are associated with making wrong business decisions – these are almost always associated with poor or inadequate planning.  We recruit someone without proper process; we enter into a business relationship without doing due diligence on the other party; we start a new business without checking the market and customer base.

While we may not be able to control external business risks like economic downturn or loss of tourism revenue we can keep ourselves informed by reading the newspapers or going on line or through the TV so that we are not taken by surprise.

The nature of many small businesses is to be reactive and that causes problems when it comes to understanding and analysing risk.  We have to be proactive – we have to keep asking ourselves what might stop this business achieving its goals.  Get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis with your business partners or key staff.  By taking this proactive approach you might be able to identify the opportunities associated with the risk.  For example whenever there is a major weather event there are international visitors and organisations that need services and facilities.

Perhaps by working with a couple of other local businesses you can identify the opportunities that might emerge from a risk.

Developing your planning skills and engaging your team in regular planning will help mitigate many risks and will also develop your problem solving skills which will be of benefit to the business.  Most risks can be reduced if we think about them and accept the challenge to act on them.  Risk management is a legitimate business activity and should be part of your regular business development processes.

Engage your staff, ask your customers, walk round your business and see what could cause a problem.  Identify things that have been annoying you for ages and fix them!  The chances are that if they annoy you they annoy others!!

Discuss concerns about external business risks with your mentor or business advisor. Participate in your local Chamber of Commerce and discuss potential risks with others – they may have ideas you have not thought of.  Perhaps by working together you can alleviate a risk collaboratively.

Risks are part of business.  Start with a simple SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to make a list of the main threats that could impact on your business.  Identify those that you can eliminate by better business processes and do so.  Refine and improve your planning processes. Develop a resilience plan for business survival following a major disaster.  Involve all your staff and encourage them to think about risks to their own families and communities.

Finally make sure that your customers know you are working hard to reduce risks in your business – the more they feel safe the more business they will bring you!

If you need help with understanding or analysing risk or you want some feedback on your own practices, then please get in touch. 


Chris Elphick is Partner in Breadfruit Consulting, formerly Learnfast Pacific, supporting the development of a range of businesses and organisations in Melanesia and other parts of the Pacific.  He is an experienced trainer, coach and business mentor and has years of experience of working with Small & Medium Enterprises.  He and his partner Hazel Kirkham live in Vanuatu.

Breadfruit Consulting have partnered with Fiji Entrepreneur to develop mentoring services for new and young entrepreneurs.

If you have an issue or query related to this article, please contact Chris at [email protected] or text to +6785500556