Counting your chickens – XERO makes it easy, Invitation call on Private Sector Services Provider Capacity Assessment workshop – 9th August 2018 at Ramada Hotel and other News.


Counting your chickens – XERO makes it easy


Mathieu Laurent is an impressive, energetic young entrepreneur who is achieving big things in Vanuatu’s burgeoning poultry industry. In the space of three years, since he bought Vanuatu Poultry, the 24 year old has expanded the business ten-fold and has become Vanuatu’s largest eggs and chicken meat producer, employing over 50 people. Today Vanuatu Poultry is producing 11,000 eggs daily to Vanuatu’s major supermarkets, and delivering 2,500 fresh chickens three times a week to local butcheries, restaurants and resorts.

Naturally, that’s a lot of eggs and chickens to account for. To modernize this growing business, Mathieu required help to track his businesses growth and manage the day to day challenges. AJC, one of Vanuatu’s leading finance and accounting companies, and Xero, the world’s best accounting software, partnered with Business Link Pacific to boost Vanuatu Poultry’s accounting systems.

“I learnt everything on the go and I had no idea about accounting. I inherited another accounting package and was using it for eight months but it became a big mess. I knew I needed help because we were making more and more sales and I had no clue which customers were paying. I was producing stuff but money was not coming in. So I was like “I need some help!” and I started working with AJC”, explains Mathieu.


Within four months of working with AJC, Vanuatu Poultry was able to clear a massive amount of outstanding debts and reconcile their books for the first time. Their bank was especially impressed with their quick transformation. For Mathieu, Xero’s initial positive impact was empowering.

“Now, I know exactly how much money is in the bank, who needs to be paid, who needs to pay us and all in real time. This is an incredible difference. Before we would get caught out with cash flows and cheque payments. Now, I can strategically plan my budgets, cash flow and expenditure.”

Forensic accounting

Xero is renowned for practical troubleshooting. In Vanuatu Poultry’s case it has helped solve a few accounting mysteries/problems by providing the necessary evidence to improve productivity.

“AJC set up a Xero dashboard, so now I can easily monitor expenditure. For exam  ple I could see my electricity costs were increasing. At first I was thinking it was faulty lights but then I realized the workers were working too slow, so we were able to fix this. It’s also made a big difference to tracking and managing fuel costs.”

“My customised Xero dashboard gives me a snapshot of everything. I like to track my major customers and use them as a benchmark to compare profit and loss.”

“I am now thinking of using Vend, a cloud-based point of sale software to manage stock feed because it’s quite complicated to do manually – we ended up having to do monthly stock takes. Then it will only take a few clicks to figure out what to order.”

Simple, Xero features can make a big difference to a business’s efficiency. The instant email invoicing feature has markedly improved the Vanuatu Poultry’s cash flow. Previously, the company’s invoices were getting lost with deliveries and payments delayed. Using Xero, invoices are emailed as a “link”, so now it’s obvious when they are received and “opened” by the customer.

Their next step is to systematically enter all company assets into Xero with AJC’s assistance so they have an accurate profit and loss data. The company’s payroll will also be linked through internet banking.

For Mathieu working with AJC and using Xero has meant less time in the office “on the books,” and more time on the factory’s floor supervising his team and planning the next move in building his fast growing chicken empire.

“If you want your business to grow you need to work with professional people. Working with them you win time. Instead of you making the mistake and learning from your mistake, they prevent you making it in the first place.”

“AJC’s professional advice has meant I can have confidence in the future. Together we are monitoring our progress, doing business forecasting and managing VAT compliance.”

“When I took on this business, it was little bit hard because I was alone and didn’t know how to manage this alone. Lots can go wrong with growing chickens. It’s quite scientific. I worked it out and one year later I increased the company by five times. By 2020 the meat chickens will double. So, if you believe in yourself and then you work hard, it’s not impossible.”


Business Link Pacific with the Vanuatu accounting firms AJC, Barrett and Partners and vSolutions is offering eligible small and medium sized businesses a free 12-month subscription to Xero accounting software, a cloud-based accounting system that is changing the way small businesses’ approach their accounting.


Vanuatu small and medium sized businesses interested in accessing the Xero 12 months subscription promotion can contact Kesha Licht at VCCI at [email protected] or phone 27543 Ext 19 or mobile 555 5347 or contact direct AJC or Barrett and Partners or vSolutions.


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                           Mathieu Laurent – Vanuatu Poultry

Invitation call on Private Sector Services Provider Capacity Assessment workshop – 9th August 2018 at Ramada Hotel


Oxfam, in partnership with the Vanuatu Business Resilience committee, is pleased to invite interested businesses and entities in the private sector to a workshop introducing the Private Sector Service Provider Capacity Assessment, a component of Oxfam’s Vanuatu Cash Transfer Feasibility Study, which has been ongoing nation-wide since March, and is scheduled for completion in September 2018.

An intro/kick-off workshop will be held on August 9th, 2018 at Ramada Hotel from 8am – 12pm, with lunch provided.  Please confirm your attendance before 7th August by return email at [email protected] or contact VCCI office on 27543.

Please click here to view and download Invite Oxfam Private Sector Assessment Information Note.

FCEF Hosts Global Employers Forum on Climate Action

FCEF News 23 Jul 2018


Fiji’s national private sector and employers’ organisation, the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) officially announced its hosting of the Global Employers Climate Action Forum. The announcement was made by FCEF President, Mr Sandeep Chauhan and also present was the COP23 staff and other senior executives from the private sector.

In his announcement, Mr Chauhan said, “FCEF is hosting a one day Global Employers Climate Action Forum on 25 July 2018 at the Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji. Participants from international, regional organisations and the Private Sector have been invited to attend and share lessons learned and experiences on their active commitment in accelerating climate action to support the Paris Agreement and the operation of the “Fiji Declaration on Resilient Businesses and Communities” which was endorsed at Bon, Germany.”

The announcement was made at the My Suva Park as senior executives and partners from various bodies and government ministries supporting the forum, planted trees in a bid to help offset the carbon footprint of those travelling in from the outside Fiji to attend the Global Employers Climate Action Forum.

The Executive Director for COP23, Mr John Connor was also the Launch and tree planting exercise, in his remarks Mr Connor mentioned that the tree planting initiative was well thought and planned considering the intent of the work towards climate action. He also congratulated the work of the FCEF and the private sector for the positive partnerships that have been fostered with government in supporting the objectives of COP23.

The Global Employers Climate Action Forum (GECAF) will also provide a platform for representatives from the private sector in Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Tuvalu to highlight areas of concern and as mentioned by the FCEF President Sandeep Chauhan, “The outcomes of the forum will be presented at the Climate Action Pacific Partnerships (CAPP) Meeting on Thursday 26 July. Moreover, these outcomes will be presented at any Global Meeting and the UN Negotiations Conference as our input and the voice of the Private Sector will be heard so that the challenges we are facing are heard and considered.”

The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation is hosting this event in collaboration with ANZ,  Vodafone, Global Green Growth Institute, Pacific Islands Development Forum, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, COP23 Secretariat, Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, International Labour Organisation, Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism, Holiday Inn, US AID, Pacific Climate Ready, Pacific Cooperation Foundation, Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, National Disaster Management and Fiji Times.

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry was represented at the Global Employers Climate Action Forum in Suva, Fiji, by Mr Shaun Gilchrist, CEO of Azure Pure Water, who is the Manufacturing Councillor of VCCI.

Vanuatu National Provident Fund Report Writing Training


Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) through its Business Development Services Unit have recently spent a six (6) days delivering report writing training to the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) staffs.

According to VNPF 2018 – 2022 Strategic Framework, there has been a very strong emphasis on the Organization’s annual performance to be reported.  The VNPF Act has mandated the Board to submit through the Minister responsible for Finance an Annual Report within four (4) months at the end of every financial year to the Government of Vanuatu. Therefore, effective reporting is essential.

VNPF has undertaken a detailed training needs assessment and realized that its employee’s key organizational training need is report writing.

The training was very interactive and many topics were discussed. Key topics discussed were in reference to VNPF’s current reporting requirements with strong emphasis on the importance and benefits of reporting.

There were a total of 27 participants for this training. The training was dispersed into two groups, the first group commenced on the 3rd and ended on the 5th of July 2018 and the second group started on the 9th and ended on the 11th of July 2018. All participants have received their statement of completion right after they have completed their training.

Positive feedbacks were provided by the participants at the end of the training. All participants left the training satisfied with their statement of completion award and high mentality to enforce improvement in their report writing skills within different work division in VNPF.

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce has a very proactive Business Development Services Unit that is always available to help business houses in terms of trainings in all areas. Please feel free to contact the office on +678 27543/ 7123967 or Email: [email protected]

You can also access information on Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) website at


VNPF Reporting Writing training 1


VNPF Reporting Writing training 2