Meetings February 2019 & Other News

Important meetings happening February 2019

As business owners we encourage you to participate in dialogue with decision makers on matters that affect you directly. Please note two (2) important upcoming meetings facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce to assist you in raising your voices as active members of Vanuatu’s private sector.

Labour Work Permits Amendment Act No. 24 of 2018
As business owners, if you would like an opportunity to feedback on the Work Permits Amendment Act No. 24 of 2018, you are invited to attend the Consultation Meeting between the Department of Labour, VCCI and business members on Labour Work Permits Amendment Act on Monday 4 February 2019 at 3.30pm. At the Ramada Hotel Conference Room.
In the best interest of key stakeholders, VCCI has invited the Officers of the Department of Labour and a Ministry of Internal Affairs representative to come to explain to business members these changes and the rational of these amendments.
It is an important matter which will affect many businesses in 2019 and into the following years.
You will be able to raise your concerns on the impact of changes to the Act and how it will affect your business and the development and growth of the private sector as a whole.

Labour ( Work Permits) ( Amendment) Act No 24 Of 2018 (2)

Proposed Questions on Labour Work Permits Amendment Act No 24 2018

To confirm your attendance, you can email VCCI Reception at [email protected] or phone 27543 or 7123967.

Small Business Development Bill
As business owners we would like to make you aware of a proposed new Small Business Development Bill, drafted by the Cooperatives Department, to establish a Small Business Development Department under the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Tourism.
VCCI is currently in the process of arranging a Consultation Meeting between the Cooperatives Department, VCCI and business members on Friday 15 February 2019 at 9am. A venue is yet to be confirmed by the Cooperatives Department.
In the best interests of key stakeholders, VCCI is inviting the Officers of Cooperatives Department to come to present and explain to business members this new Bill, and how it will affect small to medium business licence holders, and also the work of the VCCI current.
You will be able to raise your questions, concerns and issues on this matter and learn more about the Small Business Development Bill.

Please click to view and download small Business Development Bill

To confirm your attendance, you can email VCCI Reception at [email protected] or phone 27543 or 7123967.

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Vanuatu Salary Survey 2018/2019 for businesses

Strategic Pay along with the Airports Vanuatu Limited are pleased to announce the Vanuatu Salary Survey for 2018/19.

In its second edition, the objective of this survey is to provide comprehensive information on remuneration market trends in Vanuatu. This will assist participating organisations in making informed remuneration-related decisions. In addition, it provides a means of comparing individual remuneration rates to your market.

All participating organisations will receive a free copy of the 2018/19 Vanuatu Salary Survey Report in PDF format.

If you wish to participate to the survey and have any questions about the data sheet or need some assistance, please contact Mike Boneham, Technical Consultant, [email protected], P: +64 9 975 7628.

The deadline for submission is Monday 18 February 2019.

Privacy and Confidentiality, Strategic Pay understands the confidential nature of participants’ data and as is the case with all their remuneration reports, information submitted to them for analysis is kept strictly confidential. All data is collated and aggregated within a secure environment and results are not attributable to any individual role or organisation. This strict confidentiality extends to the party commissioning the report and they will not share any individual data submissions or details with anyone outside their organisation.


A gentle reminder from the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) and VCCI on registrations for the 6th Australia Vanuatu Business Forum, organised by Australia Pacific Islands Business Council (APIBC), which will be held on the 28th of February 2019 at the Ramada Resort in Port Vila.

Get a great overview of opportunities in Vanuatu as well as updates on economy, infrastructure, investment, and the labour market. This forum is a must for any business operating in the region or looking to do so.

Registration fee is AU$250 for Delegate and AU$280 for Delegate + trade exhibitor.

To register please go to the following link:
and to find out more information you can search the below link

[email protected], website

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Local businesses to NZ trade mission in 2019

Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand PTI (NZ) is looking for prospective businesses that may be interested in participating to the Pasifika trade mission to NZ to take place during the trade show of Pasifika Festival 2019 from 23rd to 24th March 2019.

The broad criteria for participation in the trade mission is

1. The company has attended a Path to Market workshop
2. They have products ready for sale – retail packs and not bulk commodities
3. They are able to travel to NZ for up to 7 days
4. They can provide enough product for sale at the event.
5. They have been recommended by VCCI in conjunction with PTI(NZ)

For more information, you can contact now Mr Ian Furlong, Trade Development Manager, PTI (NZ) in Auckland, by email [email protected], Phone +64 9 529 5165, Mobile +64 21 0294 7233, website

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Introducing your Council

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              VCCI First Vice President David Russet

Over the coming months VCCI would like to introduce you to your Council members. This week we feature the First Vice President of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr David Russet.

Name, position and sector you represent on the council:
David Russet,
Director Bellevue Property Management,
First Vice President VCCI and representing Agriculture and Livestock Sector

Brief summary about yourself and your business:
I was born in Vanuatu from a farmer orientated family.
I am a cattle farmer and a plantation owner. We have a herd of about 10 000 heads.
Among our activities, we also have copra that we harvest and sell, approximately 400 tons per year. We also plant, harvest and sale cocoa and kava.

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All businesses are invited to attend the PTI AUSTRALIA DIGITAL TRADE WORKSHOP to be held on Friday 1 March 2019 at the Conference Room, Melanesian Hotel from 8.30am to 11.30am. Bookings are essential.

General Info: E-commerce, refers to buying or selling products and services using the internet. It opens exciting opportunities for businesses in Vanuatu to connect with international markets and is becoming an important way for businesses in the Pacific Islands to trade with the rest of world.

Any business can register for the workshop, the participants have to fill in the Registration Form and send it back to Paula Bjelanovic, PTI Australia Events Manager E: [email protected] as soon as possible for bookings and more information. For any questions, you can contact Jeremy Grennell G.M. Export – PTI Australia E: [email protected]
You can also contact VCCI Reception by email [email protected] and phone 27543 or mobile 7123967 to get the registration form.

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