PACER Plus Sustainability Impact Assessment

Dear VCCI Members,

Read below, an email from Pacific Network on Globalization (PANG) who is calling for endorsement of a report based on the assessments  made so far on PACER Plus :

On August 26th, Trade Ministers from around the Pacific regional, including Australia and New Zealand will meet in Christchurch NZ to sign off on controversial free trade deal known as PACER-Plus deal.  
Civil Society Organisations from across the Pacific region,  Australia and New Zealand have long held concerns about the impacts of PACER-Plus and those concerns appear well founded given the assessment in “Defending Pacific Ways of Life: A Peoples Social Impact Assessment of PACER-Plus”.  A copy of the report can be downloaded from the link below.
The Peoples Social Impact Assessment  was commissioned as a direct respond to the Office of the Chief Trade Advisors (OCTA’s) hastily organised and flawed impact assessment of PACER-Plus.  The report comes after years of negotiations with the OCTA to ensure that a comprehensive and independent SIA would be undertaken.  
A small working group of civil society actors have explored all the options including taking the matter directly to Pacific Forum Leaders meeting for consideration, and have agreed as a first step to endorse the this report and urges your organisational support for the attached civil society letter to governments, demanding that no agreement to conclude PACER-Plus is taken at the Christchurch, Special Trade Ministers meeting.  
We also welcome individual endorsements.  Please send organisational/ individual endorsements to: [email protected] no later than Friday the 15th of July, 2016.  
For further information or clarification please contact: [email protected]
We would appreciate it if you could kindly send to your networks. Please do not share on social media.