Port Vila Municipality Leadership and Management Training and Special Feature: Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu – Combining social drive with business acumen

Port Vila Municipality Leadership and Management Training

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industries (VCCI) through its Business Services (BS) Unit have just completed a competency based Leadership and Management Training to the Port Vila Municipality targeting supervisors and identified future leaders of the department.
Management of the Port Vila Municipality took stock of its in-house capacity and decided to up skill their staff in leadership, management and supervision skills within its administration and operations teams.
A total of twenty (20) participants attended a 4 day intensive training, 11 – 14 March, held at the Port Vila Municipality Council Chamber. The training focused on incorporating interactive discussions between participants on relevant topics and challenges facing the current Port Vila Municipality operations staff, and aligning solutions to these challenges back to the Municipality’s operational plans and manuals to achieve organisational goals.
Feedback from participants was collected at the end of the training.

For example:
‘Lo training ia emi very interesting lo mi, mi kam blo understanem se yumi as an individual yumi ol leaders, wanem we me stap mekem every day emi shoem leadership. Nara part is me jus kam blo understanem to coaching and counselling we emi statem how you save finem ol issues we I stap affectem performance blo staff ol friends blo you, mot u finem solutions out lo ol different model.’
All participants who completed their training were awarded a Statement of Completion certificate, and a sense of great achievement.
Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce is always available to help support business houses in terms of up skilling in all areas. Please feel free to contact Reception on +678 27543 / 7123967








Special Feature: Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu – Combining social drive with business acumen

In early 2018 Business Link Pacific (BLP) connected with Mamma’s Laef (pronounced ‘life’), a growing enterprise based in the village of Pango, Vanuatu. Mamma’s Laef combines social drive with business cunning to create a unique venture.

Mamma’s Laef designs, manufactures and distributes washable sanitary pad packs for women and girls, and disseminates menstrual health education and awareness to girls and women in rural communities.

Using a social enterprise model Mamma’s Laef is a venture with significant purpose, applying entrepreneurial business practices to a far-reaching societal issue. The distribution of the packs, coupled with the education and awareness workshops has opened up conversations in the community around domestic violence, gender equality and women’s safety.

BLP spoke to Belinda Roselli, founder of Mamma’s Laef, about how BLP support can positively impact the growth of this unique business.
The origins of Mamma’s Laef date back to 2010, when Nelson-based Kiwi Belinda Roselli visited Vanuatu for a holiday with her family. Belinda and family took with them donations of school supplies, and realised quite quickly the implications of poorly resourced schools. In particular, the family were shocked by the lack of menstrual health education and essential feminine hygiene products and facilities for girls, both of which affects their ability to attend school regularly.  Read more


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