Investing in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is well-known as the region’s foremost financial centre. It is also fortunate in that it possesses many features sought after by the international business community.

Benefits of investing in Vanuatu:

  • Tax-friendly environment, such as:
    • No income or company tax for residents
    • No capital gains tax
    • No withholding tax
  • No estate or death duties
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • An organized financial center
  • Solid professional infrastructure
  • Low labour costs
  • A performing telecommunications network
  • English and French are both national languages of Vanuatu
  • Living in the happiest country on Earth!

For information on how to start a business in Vanuatu as Foreign Investor, see Starting a New Business.


Residency Permits

The Immigration Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for issuing residency permits to foreign investors and his or her family. All residency permit applications are processed at the Department’s head office in Port Vila.

Normally, the duration of the residence permit is linked to the duration of the foreign investment approval certificate. However, a foreign investor in good standing that has made a significant investment in the country may be issued with residence permit for a longer duration.


Work Permits

Working in Vanuatu is possible for any investor under the activity authorized by VIPA, or any holder of a work permit for the employer mentioned in the work permit application.

It is necessary for any employer who wishes to recruit a foreign national to seek a work permit to the Labour Department. The delivery of this work permit allows the issuance of a residence permit. Any work permit is renewable annually 30 days before its expiry date.

See our Useful Links for  the Labour Department website.