Vanuatu Agri Tourism Week

The term Agri-Tourism was coined especially to get businesses in the agriculture and tourism sectors to work together.  It was thought that getting these businesses to collaborate will see fresh fruits, vegetables, root crops and seafood being harvested and transported with ease to hotels, resorts and restaurants in town faster.  In theory it looks good however implementing the concept has its own challenges as apart from the agriculture and tourism sectors, other business sectors also come into play along the value chain.

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as one of the main organizers of the upcoming event is calling on all business owners and operators interested in being part of the Vanuatu Agri Tourism Week event to register their interests and participate in the program.

Agri-Tourism is the new buzz word and movement throughout the world that everyone wants to be involved in. Agri-tourism is all about connecting directly with their market and customer.

No one wants to miss out being able to make a connection with their market, or in creating and developing new markets through the Agri Tourism movement.  Livestock farmers, vegetable growers, tour operators and hotels are all part of the Agri Tourism chain.

The celebration begins with the launching of Vanuatu Agri Tourism Week on the 18th August 2016 at the new Convention Centre in Port Vila.

Entry to the three day event held over 18th, 19th and 20th August, is free to both exhibitors and the public.

Exhibitors are invited to participate and those that take up the offer get priority in next year’s event.

The theme for this colourful event is presented through the important message of a Healthy and Wealthy Nation.

The event will encourage and support a forum to establish, and grow many vibrant business connections between operators. For example livestock farmers and market gardeners connecting with processors and value adders to supply hotels and restaurants with genuine Vanuatu products and tastes.

Vanuatu is a remarkable nation that has a lot to offer everyone. Tour operators take visitors to see the real Vanuatu. They are also part of the Agri Tourism market and ambassadors for the country.

Transport operators will find this worthwhile. School children of all ages will discover new sites, sounds and even tastes throughout the event.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry with the Ministry of Agriculture have come together in support of this stimulus by appointing a steering and action committee to oversee the program and develop a colourful and important event.  Lock the date in and become involved.  You can contact Mr. Jack Lowane who is the Chairman of the steering committee on [email protected] or on 7799293 or the VCCI reception at [email protected] or on 27543 for more information or to register your interest.