Vanuatu Roundtable Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific 23 – 24 October 2017 and Other News.

Vanuatu Roundtable Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific 23 – 24 October 2017

The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) and Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Regional Office, are convening a roundtable “Promoting Nutritious Food Systems” Workshop at the Grand Hotel in Port Vila on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 October 2017, starting at 9am.


This workshop is taking place within the context of the joint CTA/IFAD/PIPSO project “Leveraging the Development of Local Food Crops and Fisheries Value Chains for Improved Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems in the Pacific Islands”, which covers Vanuatu and 6 other countries- Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Solomon Islands. The project is about strengthening the capacity of the Pacific Island Governments, Farmer and Private Sector Organisations, and Sub-Regional institutions to develop strategies and programmes, to mobilise financing that can increase people’s access to nutritious and healthy food. Several activities have been launched to build the evidence base including a rapid scan of the agriculture and nutrition situation in Vanuatu in 2017, done by Votausi Mc Kenzie-Reur of Vanuatu and Dr Keith Galgal of PNG, which will be presented on the first day of the workshop.

The workshop will bring together public and private sector representatives from key ministries, SMEs, finance, farmers’ organisations, development partners, civil society, and academia, as well as key experts.

The aim is to:


  • Validate the results and key actions identified for strengthening the agriculture or nutrition nexus in Vanuatu;
  • Validate a shortlist of priority local value chains that are nutritionally and culturally sensitive and key actions or interventions for enhancing public-private-producer partnerships for facilitating their further development;
  • Explore options and define priority actions for strengthening women’s role in agriculture, nutrition, value chain and agri-business development; and
  • Co-develop draft action plans for influencing policies and programmes and mobilising public and private investment.

PIPSO and Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) are inviting any businesses interested in promoting nutritious food systems in Vanuatu to attend the workshop.

VCCI is the National Private Sector Organisation (NPSO) representing Vanuatu at PIPSO.

For more information, you can contact Alisi Tuqa by phone on (678) 569 6896 or by email [email protected] or contact VCCI Reception by phone on 27543 or 7123 967 or by email [email protected]



This is a reminder on Climate Change news which could be useful to businesses involved or seeking to be involved in climate change related activities.   Vanuatu Green Climate Fund (GCF) Investment Program Survey:

Any interested businesses are invited to connect to the link to the Vanuatu Green Climate Fund (GCF) Investment Program Survey to complete the short online survey By completing the online survey, businesses express the private sector needs and interests in how the GCF investment priorities in Vanuatu should be allocated to mitigation and adaptation strategic impact areas in specific sectors and activities over the next 5 years. Apply for Certificate IV Project Management in climate project management 2017:

The National Advisory Board (NAB) climate finance working group, under the Ministry of Climate Change of Vanuatu, is pleased to invite the private sector, any businesses involved in climate change related activities, to submit up to 10 applications (Application Form + CV + Cover Letter + evidence of pass in English at Year 12/Form 6 or equivalent) for the Certificate IV Project Management Practical course in climate project management starting mid-November 2017.  The climate-related activity is to offer and conduct the Certificate IV Project Management Practice, a formal course, in blended mode (online and face-to-face) aimed at anyone involved in the implementation of climate change adaptation/resilience projects. Basic details:

  • Certificate IV in Project Management which can be used for membership of international Project Management bodies such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Australia Institute of Project Management (AIPM);
  • Minimum numbers of 10 private sector participants needed for course;
  • 4 units needed to complete the Certificate;
  • 5 days full time face to face in-country for 2 units then 2 months of online/distance learning assignments then another 5 days face to face to set up the final 2 units and 2 months of assignments**;
  • Delivered by USP Pacific TAFE who will send lecturers to Vanuatu for the face-to-face component; and
  • USAID Climate Ready project under NAB will support payment of tuition fees for candidates to participate in the course.

** The candidates, business owners or employees of businesses involved in climate change related activities, will need to attend two lots of 5-day blocks during the course period to undertake face-to-face teaching at USP Emalus Campus, Vanuatu.  You can contact VCCI Reception by phone 27543 or mobile 7123 967, and by email [email protected] to receive key information including Certification IV in Project Management Practice; Pacific TAFE Handbook & Calendar information; Participant Selection Criteria document; and Project Management Application form

Applications for the Certificate IV in Project Management must be submitted to Anna Bule [email protected] no later than Tuesday 31 October COB.


Summary Report on Site Visit and Meeting at Lapetasi Wharf

Project Manager Russell Mitchell briefed interested private sector, business operators and VCCI on the completion stages of the Lapetasi Wharf project during a site visit and meeting on Thursday 19 October 2017 at Ifira Port Development Services (IPDS).

IPDS will take over the facility from the contractors on 24 October 2017 and once Ports and Harbours Department gives the green light for full operation of the facility, we will see container ships tie up at the newly complete world class facility.

The major benefit to end users will be the improvement in delivery time for containers to importers. The new facility will mean the handling of each container will be reduced from 5-6 times. It includes long travel distance and as such lengthy periods of time for equipment utilization from various storage areas around Port Vila, then eventually to and from Main Wharf, to ultimately twice only as all moves will be inside the terminal and on or off the vessel. In addition, delivery delays experienced due to the schedule of tourist boats will be eliminated completely with the obvious benefits. IPDS could lose up to three to four day’s production per week, as previously IPDS could not work at the Main Wharf on container movements with a tourist boat along side.

The tourism industry will benefit from having a freight or container free wharf facility at the Main Wharf which will enhance the cruise passenger experience when proceeding on and off the cruise ship to access tours, buses, taxis and water taxis.

The facility has a brand new Less Than a Container Load (LCL) Shed which eventually will also see racking added to increase overall storage capacity.

A container cleaning facility is part of the new facility and this will be audited by New Zealand and Australian Authorities which in the long term will see the need for full inspection of export containers from Vanuatu not needing to be fully inspected in New Zealand and Australia. 


Photo 1: Lapetasi Main Gate                                    

Photo 2: Visitors and Russell Mitchell GM IPDS                 

Photo 3: Lapetasi LCL Shed

photo-1-lapetasi-main-gate                   photo-2-visitors-and-russell-mitchell-gm-ipds                         photo-3-lapetasi-lcl-shed




Another great news for the cocoa industry in Vanuatu with AELAN Chocolate Makers receiving some awards from the New Zealand Chocolate Awards 2017.

The AELAN fine dark chocolate 70% made exclusively from the beans of small-scale producers from the islands of Epi, Malekula, Malo and Santo and sugar was awarded last month in Auckland for each island origin.

The results are:

  • Silver medal for Santo origin
  • Silver medal for Malo origin
  • Silver medal for Malekula origin
  • Bronze medal for Epi origin

The AELAN chocolate will soon be available in New Zealand and in Australia within the Oxfam Trading shops for the autumn-winter 2018.

On Sunday 22 October 2017, Aelan Chocolate Makers will leave to Paris in France with the two cocoa producers selected for the competition of the cocoa of Excellence competition, Mambong Naki from Malekula and Moli Lui from Malo.

They will be attending the International cocoa Awards on 30 October 2017 and Aelan Chocolate Makers will present the Vanuatu fine chocolate made from the different islands origins from the 28 October to 1 November 2017 at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

ACTIV Association and AELAN Chocolate Makers sincerely thank the Vanuatu Government with in particular the Department of Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture for assisting with the travel costs of the two producers to this event.

This prestigious international event displayed 500 participants from 60 countries including over 200 stars of gastronomy, among renowned Chefs and Pastry Chefs. It is the largest showcase of the chocolate from the 5 continents and the presence of cocoa producing countries. More than 130,000 visitors are expected to attend the event in Paris in 2017.

It is the first time Vanuatu will attend this event promoting quality Vanuatu cocoa beans and Vanuatu AELAN fine chocolate. More than 4,500 AELAN chocolate bars were shipped last week for the Salon du Chocolat where ALEAN chocolate Makers will have the booth E22 located opposite the Ivory Coast booth. The biggest cocoa producing country facing the smallest one! We invite all people from Vanuatu and friends of Vanuatu in Paris to come to this event.

The new AELAN chocolate with the inclusions of local products such as cristallized ginger, cristallized turmeric, nangai, lemon, coconut, cocoa nibs….a new range of products to assist more local communities are now available from the ACTIV Association and Aelan Chocolate Makers shop in town.


Photo 1: Mambong Naki from Malekula and Moli Lui from Malo

Photo 2: Aelan Chocolate NZ Awards 2017

Photo 3: Aelan Chocolate 2017 in Paris


photo-1-mambong-naki-from-malekula-and-moli-lui-from-malo                                                    photo-2-aelan-chocolate-nz-awards-2017                                                        photo-3-aeland-chocolate-2017-in-paris