Wik Blong Vanuatu 2017 10th Anniversary in Noumea, New Caledonia, AgriTourism Forum and VBRC Meeting 5th December.

Wik Blong Vanuatu 2017 10th Anniversary in Noumea, New Caledonia

On 16, 17 and 18 November 2017, Noumea once again welcomed Vanuatu artists and micro small medium and large businesses to showcase their original and authentic made in Vanuatu products and professional services information to the New Caledonia population to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Wik Blong Vanuatu since 2008.

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) led the coordination of Vanuatu delegation consisting of 47 micro small and medium enterprises representing Vanuatu’s finest handicrafts, textile, and food products, 12 Tourism operators under the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO), and 9 business sponsors in the Info Investment booth of VCCI at the famous La Place des Cocotiers, Noumea.

This year’s made in Vanuatu product line included the renowned Ambrym tam-tams and black palms and other original carvings and sculptures, beautiful dresses of all kinds, cosmetic products, organic products, such as coffee, chocolate, spices, vanilla, chips, peanuts, nangae nuts, coconut oil, kava products, processed cassava and taro, pineapple and feijoa juices, tomato sauces and processed beef tuluk products. The mamas successfully sold out pandanus-made products such as mats and hats, as well as a wide variety of textile products. Some MSMEs successfully achieved the results of having an agent and or distributor(s) of their made in Vanuatu products in New Caledonia.

This annual event achieved successful results and saw more than 20,000 people visiting the booths of Micro Small Medium and Large businesses of Vanuatu.

The event was officially opened on Thursday 16 November 2017 by a formal custom ceremony, which saw Chief Isaac Worwor presenting ceremonial gifts to the Chiefs of Noumea, who in return put their blessing upon the event. The custom ceremony was followed by series of official words of gratitude between Vanuatu and New Caledonia officials. The Wik Blong Vanuatu 2017 celebrating the 10th Anniversary was solemnly opened by David Russet, First Vice-President of VCCI.

As part of the entertainment, Lukunaeva String Band, mainly sponsored by VCCI, added up some warmth and colour for the three days at La Place des Cocotiers. A Vanuatu renowned Dancing Group from the Banks Islands sponsored by VTO also took part in the entertainment program.

In recognition for their contribution VCCI wishes to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following partners and sponsors, the Government of Vanuatu, the Government of New Caledonia, Southern Province of New Caledonia, Northern Province of New Caledonia, Mairie of Noumea and Association “Nouméa Centre-Ville” ; the 47 MSMEs of Vanuatu ; the VTO and 12 Tourism operators of Vanuatu ; and the 10 business sponsors of Vanuatu, which sponsored the successful Investment Info Evening at Nouvata Hotel on 15 November 2017, including AJC, Barrett and Partners, Bred Vanuatu, BSP, Caillard Kaddour, Law Partners, NBV, Techno Bois, Vanuatu Brewing Ltd and Paris Shopping.


Photo 1 Carvings


Photo 2 Cosmetic Products


Photo 3 Handicrafts


Photo 4 Crowd on 16 November 2017





The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) wish to advise Micro Small Medium and Large Businesses of Vanuatu that the Agritourism Steering Committee under the joint cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism Trade Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture will conduct the Agritourism Forum 2017.

The Agri – Tourism Forum theme for this year is “from farm to table”. The main objectives of this forum are to wrap up this year as the Year Blong Agritourism, create more awareness on the significant agritourism rural urban linkages and reflect back on the challenges and achievements made for this year including the Pacific Week of Agriculture. There will be specific presentations focusing on Agritourism plan of action, agricultural productivity, tourism linkages, market standards and access, agritourism and climate change, and financial inclusion. The Agritourism Forum 2017 will be held on Tuesday 5 December 2017, venue to be confirmed.

For more information if you are interested to attend the Agritourism Forum, you can contact VCCI Reception by phone 27543 or mobile phone 7123967, and by email [email protected]



The first Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee (VBRC) Executive Meeting will take place on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 3pm at VCCI. The meeting will be attended by both the Executive Members and Regular Members of VBRC. Any interested businesses are also invited to attend the meeting.


For any further information, you can contact VCCI Reception by phone 27543 or mobile 7123 967, and by email [email protected]